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Steve, I used HD Native thundebolt for many years and just upgrade to HDX 2 (just before avid announcing the voice count increase)

The HD Native with avid thunderbolt hardware will be able to provide you with 64 i/o. 32 outputs to each digilink port. You also will be able to have the sync hd.
With a HDX 2 you will be able to have 128 outputs.
So I imagine that you need to weight in all aspects like 2 computers, PT licenses and annual support plans.. etc..
i just builded my HT Atmos room. I’m just starting messing with it and my feeling is that the delivery aspect of it (fullmix, stems, etc...) would bring me more issues regarding i/o, trackcount etc...
My atmos room is using the MacPro RMU with Dante. But as far I know the Cinema and Broadcast RMU are different.
Also, I understand that Dolby is full of requirements and thar Theatrical Atmos Mixing stages are build working close with them.
The Pro Tools - Atmos integration is “native” in the sense pro tools has all the tools in itself without the need to 3th party plug-ins etc..

Check the Avid/MRTX INTERFACE (DAD AX32). It is the best and more Flexible one.