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Lives for gear

Sleeper alert... Off the GS radar, but the vintage AKG D24 can sound very "Neumann-ish". $500 or less, for one in excellent condition.
See the recently bumped D24 thread.

Another good choice for smooth/silky vocals, are the Oktava 219/319's.
AFAIK Thomann USA is selling new 319's, for "total cost"-around $260.

There is also a new Oktava model, with the 219 capsule, supposedly with factory installed/upgraded internals, the MK-119 for around $250.
Here's me on an Oktava 319 below. Excellent on "smooth voiced" baritones!

P.S. Must admit I'm tempted eventually, to get an Advanced Audio CM48T
tube microphone. Gateway drug to a later $$ U47 tube style mic,
I'm sure! Seems like a real bargain for a very nice LDC and it has 3 patterns.
Also the Neumann TLM49 and TLM193 can be found used/excellent condition for around $1000.
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