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This rack just barely fits in the back seat of my Tacoma. If I had bought the shock mounted rack, it would be much larger and heavier and would have to ride in the bed. I think splitting the pres up into two different racks is the most efficient. I have 16 preamps here (plus the 32 Dante inputs), and another 16 in my auxiliary preamp rack. I don't normally need more than the initial 16 so it's easier to avoid having to carry the extra 16 when I don't need them.
Yeah, I just got a 10u rack used today for a great deal on Craigslist (came with some other extras including a power conditioner and some rack plates/rack shelf) and it was definitely bigger than I realized when I threw it in the back of my hatchback. I may flip it and get another 4-6 u rack, but I'm still feeling it out.