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Old 12th May 2019
The case for HDX rigs on a mix stage today

Hey all, most of you know me a bit by now, and know that our mix stages have both Nuendo (films we handle in-house) and ProTools HDX (for dry-hire of the stage).
For our new Atmos stage, I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of buying HDX cards (and associated costly IO options) for the PT rigs that will be in it.

We have decided on getting a System5 console, in a 250 to 300 mixer model, to cater for mixers who still want to mix with a dsp console (there are some). And I know very well that many mixes WILL be nearly totally In-the-box.

These are the cons - as I see them - for NOT getting HDX:
- 32 IO limit on any other cards... (what a racket)
- no possibility to connect SyncHD for proper sync between Satellite Link systems

And the pros:
- massive savings by not buying outdated HDX+MADI IO