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If you're talking about big hits and names like that then you'll never find those songs made from stock plug ins..

1. Its too much $$ on the line
2. Top songs will all go through some of the best hardware in the end so its not really about the plug-ins, per se.
1. No one really knows what was used unless you were there.

2. Many of the hits people are talking about are all itb generation, the only hardware used being the vocal chain, and all mixing itb too.

Why use fancy plugins? My opinions:

I actually really like the stock avid channel strip, and could totally work with that as my standard eq. I tend to use the waves ssl e as that’s what I learned on and it behaves as my mind does.

I vastly prefer 3rd party verbs and delays, I generally feel they’ve got more texture and depth - but with a bit of extra processing I could probably get the same thing out of stock plugins.

I find some 3rd party plugins don’t have a stock equivalent - PT doesn’t ship with tape sims like slate/uad, console saturation, decaptiator equivalent or specialist stuff like soothe or izotope rx, so I have to use .3rd party options.