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I feel compelled to add a bit to what I said earlier. I'm probably gonna get one of the dynamic EQ plugs pretty soon. I'm starting to realize that I'm doing a lot of checkerboarding of vocal tracks, dividing them up into "edgy" and "not edgy" and sometimes a third category like "too close to the mic," and I'm wondering if a dynamic EQ might do that job faster and better.

Thoughts from anyone who uses them?

I’ve got a couple of dynamic EQ’s. I have the first version of Nova before they joined with Tokyo Dawn and I also have the Tokyo Dawn version A.K.A. “TDR Nova”.

They’re cool for some things but I don’t often find them that useful on vocals. For me the main things I’m using on harsh, wooly or edgy vocals is a low cut around 150Hz plus precision cuts in the trouble freqs.

In addition I’m rolling off a little top end (around 18KHz). All while adding some parallel compression/distortion to get the energy back after making those cuts.

I also tend to use two de-Essers, one at the beginning of the chain and one at the end both doing very little amounts at slightly different frequencies. Usually somewhere around 8KHz and then the other around 9.5KHz does the trick.