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Upgraded my mobile rig:

Focusrite Red 8Pre, the True Systems Precision 8 from my truck, and a pair of Focusrite Clarett Octopres. Protools Ultimate/HD Native Thunderbolt, and a pair of Netgear GS108T managed switches. With my Lenovo P50 latop.

This will form the backbone of the system in my truck, along with the DM2000 and a new computer once I get the Soundtracs console out of it.

The Red 8Pre will send all of it's analog and digital i/o (32 channels) to the Dante network, as well as take in 32 channels for a total of 64 channels, so I can send the 8Pre's i/o to the network for a second workstation or back up recorder.

This rig will do 26 channels at 96k (including the S/PDIF), or 32 at 48k (owing to the lost of 8 channels for the Octopre's ADAT conneciton). Plus another 32 channels from Dante at either 48 or 96k, depending on what the Dante network is running at. Also nice is that I have 3 headphone outputs for the main mix right on the front of the rack set up as default, so I can monitor, plus an assistant and another hanger-on if there is one.

I only had 15 channels on this recording: 12 flown mics, with two wireless handhelds for curtain and conductor speech and a mix send for the birds sound effects for the Gandolfi.
Nice setup. I'm working on a similar 6ru case mobile rig. Are you not concerned at all about leaving some space between the hotter units in your rack? I'd love to pack my 6ru case full but I get worried about heat build-up.