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I'm an EDM producer, and I picked up a Matrix 2 in January 2019 after researching and wondering about a 10 year old tech, but the console is amazing and crazy flexible, and I really can't find anything else out there like it...still. For EDM guys - being able to configure to bring in 32-48 channels for a mixdown is on the verge of not having to stem (although I've seen mixes come in with 50-60 channels on the extreme, but you combine all of the one shot FX stuff in a stereo track and do the submix in the DAW; everything else you want on individual channels (kick, bass layers, drums/perc, synths) -- the Matrix excels best when it's summing a lot of tracks vis a vis SuperAnalogue. The sheer headroom of the console over ITB is crazy! Being able to routing 8x2 stereo FX OR 16x1 mono outboard compressors, dynamics, reverb, I even use guitar pedals...and route them like plugins.....more power. It's a beast. Still learning it, but it sounds gorgeous. Top notch SSL console.
This is a very exciting read , i'm also producing EDM .
What else do you like about this console ?