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How does the MKID compare to a non-ai U87? If you don't have the budget for a U87, but want as close to a U87 sound as possible with only spending a few hundred bucks is the MKID the way to go?

I'm looking at it, because I want something with the Neumann style sound in my mic locker, since the LDCs I have are more of an AKG sound (the sE Electronics T2 is pretty flat though, so maybe I should just use it for a neutral sound, though I really bought it to throw a CK12 capsule in to make a cheap brass C414 style mic, though I think I might replace it with another Lewitt LCT 441 Flex if I'm just going to be using a brighter capsule, since the good CK12 capsules cost the same as another LCT 441).
In my view, it's by far the closest you'll get to a U87 for that kind of money. It's quite close.

Scroll down a ways and there are several comparison clips of MKID vs U87.