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How is the "wood wool" treated for fire protection? Rockwool is an amazing product for its non-burning properties. Seems as though wood would burn more readily. But I am sure it is fire rated, just curious, as 17 tons is a sh&t-ton.
The wood fibre insulation has that flame ******ant addictive but it still is an organic combustible product. It will just burn slower and produce less smoke in case of fire. That's the Gutex Thermoflex we're talking about.

The 17 tons of wood wool is a different product, it's a wood particle board pressed with cement and it actually has a pretty good fire rating: Euroclass B-s1, d0. That's as fire proof as a wood product can be, I'm not aware of anything wood based having an higher rating than that. The wood wool is a product called Celenit (that's also the brand, similar products exist under different brands such as Heraklith, Fibralith, etc.)