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So.... here's two modules that can be used to turn a regular eurorack setup into a quadrophonic one!
First the Aeolus Seeds; it has a fully analogue signal path controlled by digital controls. It was developed to be used in a presentation at S.A.T. in Montreal, Canada, with a dome video projection. Apart from quadrophonic functions it can be used for vector synthesis (combining up to 4 audio sources into the Sum output). There's also a CV out that can be used to control other processes with the vector angle or the distance from the center.

The Aeolus Mixer ("Aeolus" translates in ancient greek as "winds") is a utility mixer to use up to three quadrophonic signals into a quadrophonic output. It also has two stereo inputs and is capable of delivering a 5.1 format mix with cener and sum outputs.