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What I find interesting is that this monitor vs the SM9...the bass response at the -3db cutoff is the exact same 30Hz yet the woofer size in the Trio 11 is 10 inches vs the 8 inches for the SM9.

Not sure what the hell is happening here but looking at the SM9 design specs you could almost assume the Trio 11 would extend down to say 26Hz at the -3db cutoff point.

I know my ADAM Sub8 does 28Hz at the -3db cutoff point and easily handles 31Hz. And it only has an 8 inch driver.

I can only conclude that the Trio 11 is designed to be pushed considerably louder at that same 30Hz -3db cutoff point. And there are reports that the SM9 will clip at loud volumes. No surprises - when you try to exhaust an 8 inch driver with bass heavy material I can see why it would clip if it was pushed far enough.

So all in all the Trio 11 is essentially an SM9 that can be pushed further especially with bass heavy material.
Except the mid range driver. The trio mid range driver is superior to the sm9, and it was developed even further with 11s