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Hello again, everybody,

Well, It's time to refresh this old thread...

Nikolas' team and I passed a very long way, spend nearly three years of planning and now we find out the simple truth:

It is needed to dream bigger, if you want to make things right!

Project from the beginning will become now a big audio/video production facility with two control rooms and two recording rooms, two bedrooms, one office room and big lounge/café.

For Moderators:
We change name of Garage Chamber Studios to KontraPunkt Studos, so, Moderators, if you can, please, change the name of this thread
Garage Chamber Studios (Nish, Serbia, MyRoom Acoustics Design)
KontraPunkt Studios (Nish, Serbia, MyRoom Acoustics Design)

Thanking you in advance.


More information will coming later

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