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Hi Esla!

Did our support engineers (and if it was needed one of our software engineers) take a look at this? Indeed the manager server shouldn't be taking up that much CPU.

I'll be expecting your reply!
One of your guys here expressed (in a slightly condensending way) that when in idle, a few percent was both low and perfectly normal. He include a screenshot of his CPU usage and it was around 3% if I remember correctly. 10% on my system was reproducable but not consistant. I should have made that clear, thinking back I becoming less sure that it wasn't actually the D4 Control Panel that was eating the CPU and I just precieved it as Antelopeaudioserver becuase of past woes. Its hard to demo or test now as I sold the D4.

A great Antelope tech or engineer was quick at helping me via your chat feature when I wasn't able to get rid of antelopeaudioserver post uninstall. I really like the imediacy of that service feature and it gave me allot of confidence in the direction Antelope is heading.

Look, I no longer have the D4 to test, I think I have clogged up this thread enough. For peeps considering: It is a great box with fabulous tone, insane connectivity for size and FPGA driven AFX! The caveat is that currently Antelopeaudioserver is always running and takes a small but significant amount of CPU resource IME.