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Can someone name me one hit song (a fairly new one) that was made using only stock plugins for its mixing and mastering

But I can only think of one "trick" I regularly do that can't be done with PT's stock plugins along with the stuff in their usual add-on bundles (like Sansamp and an 1176 of some sort). Good trick, though. :-)

And I can see how I'd want a snazzy convolution reverb in certain situations. But I haven't had that come up since I went all-ITB and sold my 480L.

And it's nice to have a cool bus limiter to push into to simulate mastering-limiter pushback and goose up the level, but I can come pretty close with the stock PT compressor (loosen up that knee).

Outside of those exceptions, in my mainly Rock/Americana/Country sphere I've never found the need to go apesh!t with plugins, and I don't get paid enough to justify it.

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