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Originally Posted by Synetos View Post
Here is another option:

Soundgrid Studio will let you connect multiple DAW machines, and multiple I/O devices. You setup your DAW to run with Soundgrid ASIO driver, and they all talk.
You can patch any IO (physical or software) you want, in any way you want.

Here is an example of what I did.

I have my main DAW running soundgrid studio. I have the soundgrid driver running on another machine. In this case, they are both running Cubase, but they could run any daw or plugin host software and still be setup to talk to one another.

On my main Cubase DAW, I created an External Effect. I route it out of my main DAW and into my second daw machine, and then back into my DAW. I basically just created an external FX rack.

This matters, because I can now insert that internal External FX plug into a audio channel or an FX channel and run any effect I want. This is sort of like waves multirack concept, but now I am not limited to waves plugs.

In my setup, the FX Loop adds 3ms of RT latency (plus plug latency), according to Cubase. But...i get delay compensation now in Cubase.

I also own the DigiGrid IOS, and it works great for what it does. But, it limits me to Waves plugs. Using the Soundgrid ASIO driver the way I described opens up additional options for offloading none Waves plugs.

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