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I just got my new K&M 29377 from Thomann. Cheaper by far here in the USA to buy from Thomann than from Adorama or B&H, even with shipping, and it got here in a week! Very good call. Thanks.

And yes, the black button version is a PtT (non-latching) model. I have confirmed this

Looks neat, functional and elegant...low profile. The biggest plus is simply the ability to break it down to gooseneck plus base for will pack much more 'flatly' ! I'm assuming you could mate this base with any integrated gooseneck xlr mic, not just K+M's product ? You could then add your own mic if wanted (either dynamic or condensor)
A gooseneck like this for example ? :

I'm presuming you wouldn't get the mic status LED lighting, if phantom wasn't being used with this base (ie dynamic mic) ?

It's easy to see the benefit of an integrated gooseneck plus mic element...vs gooseneck plus conventional mic (with its additional weight and body length) !