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Originally Posted by Jamie munro View Post
holy sh7t that moved fast, the money was at about 10k and there were 19 of the full systems left a few hours ago, i went out for tea and a walk in the forest chasing fairies with my baby girl and this happens

still i can get the bugger, just means about 20 quid more so no biggie - HOW COOL is this thing though? really bloody beautiful and has crazy stuff inside, lovely kit

oh, congrats btw

already over the target now so it is definitely happening

edit: i have little idea WTF i will make with it apart from madness but i know it will keep me more than busy on the late nights or when i've had too many additives
The madness is exactly what I find irresistible about this thing.

Also, I've had a Microvolt 3900 for about a year and I bloody LOVE the thing. It's a genuinely different, inspiring and great sounding little synth and I expect this new thing to be that and so much more.