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Hey all,
While looking for some good mixing/mastering plugins and searching non-stop for comparisons, like “UAD vs Waves” or “FabFilter vs Waves” etc..... there seems to be a pattern.

Lots of people seem to state that it’s not the tools - it’s the person using the tools.

Well, that’s a valid and logical thing to say.

But some people take it to extremes and say “your daw’s stock plugins are enough to produce in top production levels”.

Now that sounds weird to me.

After trying Waves, UAD plugins, FabFilter and some other companies - for sure each of them bring different flavor.

But even Logic Pro’s stock plugins which are praised by many (because they are indeed good) - it seems impossible to reach top level sound with them.

Can someone name me one hit song (a fairly new one) that was made using only stock plugins for its mixing and mastering?

I’m having trouble believing such thing exists.

To be clear, I’m talking about top charting songs like “me!” By Taylor Swift Or “Psycho” by Post Malone, “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake and more.

I’m not entirely sure what those top songs were done with, but I know that Serban (the guy who mixed me!) uses pretty “mediocre” plugins by today’s standards. Metric Halo and McDSP to name a few.

You have to keep in mind these songs are created by top producers who are very picky with sound choice and arrangement so heavy handed mixing is less necessary. And they also are recorded using high quality mics, preamps, compressors, etc. on the front end and then are usually mastered analog.

I know I personally am usually stuck with sounds that aren’t as good and recordings that were done with cheaper mics in far from ideal rooms so I have to more heavily rely on my mixing tools to make things sound good.