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I'm suddenly a bit interested in this thing for using it as a very basic studiosampler. Maybe just to slice a drumloop on a couple of pads and on another couple have some atmospheric sampes that are editted/looped/timestretched.

If you don't use internal sequencing, does it react fast and reliable (qua timing) with miditriggering?

Is this a good idea in general?
I have two SP16. They sync to my OT perfectly. But then again, I don’t run tracks for an hour straight.

The internal sequencing is what is dope.

And the slice is just awesome.

I’ll sample a synth loop have the entire beat playing.

Select the sample track with your finger, press slice and you can now manually tap out your own pattern. On the reloop it snaps back to the original.

The sequencer is dope because you can use it to make cool retrigger fx like you can on Elektron boxes.

Press the step button and change a parameter, too.

The Sp16 is a great addition to a setup, no doubt. My Analog RYTM and Octatrack love my SP16s.

They are a team.