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Old 8th May 2019
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At the moment I am mixing on an iMac Pro. Until the iMac Pro came out I was using a succession of MacBook Pros, culminating in a 2016 15" 2.9gHz i7. I tried the 2018 models but the big problem with the laptops (and the reason I'm on an iMac) is the thermal throttling. When the computer is cold the performance is amazing, but working at 88.2 or 96kHz with processor hungry plugins it's cold for about 3 seconds and then starts to heat up very very fast. When that happens the processor is throttled down and the playback errors start. It's really frustrating as I would love to have a more portable solution. I was tempted to try the new mac Mini, but I'm pretty sure it isn't as powerful as the iMac Pro and I would miss the processor overhead. I'm really hoping the new Mac Pro will be the ticket (and be small enough to carry easily on a plane.