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Thanks for the responses guys! The editor works for the production house which works for the network. The previous sound guy was replaced because he apparently complained too much. I can now see why.

Yep, don't even know what to say to this. He insists on using peak metering for checking level balance.

Some of those specs are given by the network. Producer won't listen as he works for them. Only option is to mention it to the director who recommended me for the job.

Yeah, I spent half a day arguing about the true peak level which was given. But, I get the episode back if peaks cross -10dBFS(not from the network). The editor checks and asks me to redo.

He claims this was given by the network. So he checks files using a dBFS scale and using peak metering, dialogues should always be between -9dB to -12dB and music at -15dB to -16dB. I find this very odd and I used some of their other shows to prove that this wasn't true. He refuses to agree.
Give him my email address, I’ll tell him he’s a ****ing idiot for you! The network gave you an LKFS spec as you mentioned it above I’m guessing. Sounds like he can’t figure out there’s a difference.

Dialogue can’t be at -9 dBFS because it’d be over their -10 maximum!