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Originally Posted by ichbindin View Post
the blofeld lacks low end from what i hear
Then you've never actually heard a Blofeld. There is no lack of ANY frequency content in that thing.

I have an XT, MicroQ, Blofeld and Largo (and the PPGWave plugin as well heh). Between the XT and the Blofeld I don't know, if I could only keep one Id keep the XT because its the XT (there's a reason Ive had it almost 20 years now). Feature differences aside, the two can hit similar territory for sure, but the XT has that old school crappy digital sound to it. The MicroQ (like the Q) is a pristine clean machine compared to the Microwaves, and the Blofeld is like that type of flavor but on crack with the psychotic wavetable engine of the Microwave thrown in (you only get two teaser wavetables on the MicroQ). Oh yeah, the overdrive/distortion effects actually work on the Blofeld haha.

As for the Largo vs. Blofeld debate. First thing I did when I got my Blofeld was program one of the Largo presets in it, its called 'Atmorph T'. Right off the bat the one thing the Blofeld doesn't have is the EQ section Largo does. Easy enough to mimic with your DAWs eq anyways. I don't remember exactly which one but, there was ONE parameter in Largo, aside from the EQ, that isn't in the Blofeld and its one of the controls for LFO3. I could tell the sound was a little different, but it was only because of the LFO movement. That actual sound was like 99.99999% there. Im gonna guess that any minute differences in the two were down to the Largo coming from Logic and going through the MOTU 828mk2s converters, where the Blofeld was going straight through the line inputs and being monitored with the MOTU hardware. I didnt try doing anymore but Ill give it a go if I remember tomorrow since Ill be home.