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I will take just about any PITA issue except for a "so, so sound". From the few videos I saw on the Drumbrute (both models), it sounded just "meh" to me, but maybe I didn't hear enough. The Tempest sounds great and the Verona sounds great. I think I'll look at my projections of the next 25 tracks that I know for sure I'll be working on, and if I'll be using percussion on at least 8 or 10 tracks, then I might as well go for the Tempest. Anything less than that perhaps the Verona will be fine enough to get the job certainly sounds great to my ears from the demos I've heard.

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I think this video is the best sounding example of what the Vernona is capable of in the right hands.

Use headphones or adequate volume to hear the nuances and qualities therein. Pure DRM, no FX:

Yeah, this is the one that impressed me.