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Waldorf NW1 has the old and modern wavetable sound and classical and imported wavetables
And the Russian SM042 KOTELNIKOVSSSR Labs eurorack module has the PPG sound
some classic filter are available as eurorack VCFs
its mono, but in a euro rack with several good ADSRs, LFOs, and a mixer with pan its perfect for mono bass and lead sound
I use NW1, a MW2 for polyphonic (MW1 doesn't sound better for all sounds) and of course Largo/Nave (and many more WT VSTs)
More flexible, from gritty to clean
on paper yes, but in reality NW1 does not sound like old Waldorfs at all. the technology for transposition and resampling is different, so the beautiful artifacts and trademark colour does not happen. that said, it sounds wonderful imo, and much better than wavetables on Blofeld, or Q for that matter.

otoh, i did some careful listening and to me Kotelnikov sound dead on like my PPG Wave 2 (not 22/23), which is not suprising as it used identical NOS converter from 1981.

for me this module represents the old ancient, elusive sound of wavetabling the best. even if the actual wavetables on it are different from PPGs, the general character is identical. i keep postponing it, as its somewhat overkill, but really need to buy this. a wavetable in modular context is a completely different animal (im a happy user of e350 and e370).

agreed MW1 isn't better for all sounds. i do love the traditional, old lofi hybrid sound of mw, ppg, vs etc, but at the same time orange bastard is my all time favorite digital synth.

Originally Posted by mungbeans View Post
Are you saying the XT is no good for pads, or just no good for smooth creamy wide pads?

I have a Blofeld but have been seriously considering getting an XT, even if a few sound differences between the, for its hands-on knobs that the Blofeld lacks.

Do you have an example of what you consider a Blofeld's smooth wide creamy pads that the XT can't do?
wheew were commenting on a decade old post ...

no, XT can absolutely do wonderland of pads. evolving, digital, complex, harsh, eeire, ambient.. just not the extra lush, creamy, soft type. wide can be achieved with the right post processing. like an eventide reverb for example .

as for Blofeld, i am probably wrong person to ask, bcs i really not a big fan of its sound. i may have overstated its ability to do wide and creamy, more like smooth only. in digital realm, i prefer such on my Q, and on TI i had on loan.

bottom line XT is a phenomenal synthesizer, but its not one stop replacement for all the functionality of Blofeld (different tone, different wavetables selectable per oscillator, filters more in style of Q, the SL functionality etc)