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Those are restrictive specs. Usually, we have short term max -20 for commercials, not for drama. It’s basically another way of restricting LRA. For drama it seems like a severe creative restriction IMO. That being said, it should be easily achievable if you compress your mix a bit more.

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Hey guys,

So I'm currently mixing a drama series which is being released on a streaming platform for now. The production house I'm working with mostly does TV shows/web series for a major broadcasting company in my region.

I mostly work with music mixing and mastering, but I am familiar with broadcast standards. I was a bit confused with the level specs given to me,

Average Loudness -24LKFS +/- 1dB
Max Peak to be less than -10dBFS
True Peak -2dBFS
Short term loudness must not rise more than 4 above (<20LKFS) or 4 below (>28LKFS) the average loudness.

Now, I'm familiar with the -2dBTP and -24LKFS standard and seems like it's used by most streaming platforms these days.

a) So, what is the Max Peak vs True Peak here? Upon delivery, I had to resubmit stating that my peaks were hitting -3dBFS and they need to be at -10dBFS Max.

b) I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to limit short term loudness between -20LKFS and -28LKFS. Nugen and RX show my delivery to be around -18LKFS with average loudness at -24LKFS and true peak at -10dBTP.

c) On my last delivery, the video editor tells me that the dialogues are not hitting -10dBFS consistently and the recommended standard is dialogues must always be at -10dBFS and music at -16dbFS. Forget getting dialogues to consistently sit at -10dBFS without killing dynamics, music at -16dBFS sounds way too loud to me.

I was mostly mixing at -24LKFS and using short term loudness and listening by ear to get the dialogue levels and the balance against the music to maintain clarity. I'm dealing with location sound no dubbed audio, so sometimes it's difficult to get dialogues in place due to the noise floor.

Any tips on what I'm doing wrong here? Are these specs given to me correct?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!