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Here for the gear

Not a gear/mixing/recording, but career question!

Hi Andrew,

I would just like to repeat the echos of praise you have been given by other members.

I have a question but for this one it won't be gear based. I want to know what advice you would have for the DIY musician producer who lives away from big cities, hasn't had opportunity to attend revered audio engineering and production schools etc and does not know a lot of people within the industry?

Where would you focus your time most? Building a repertoire of skills and experience? Writing and crafting own songs to gain attention and in turn work?

I have had to change my life considerably with the hope that one day I can turn this love and passion into a career, but sometimes that seems a hard task, specially with all the cynicism regarding making a living in the music industry nowadays. For a lot of us, we work full time, save to purchase our own gear and are self taught, I even go full weeks without feeling like I can even turn on my PC because of low energy and motivation, some words of inspiration or advice would be much appreciation!

Kindest Regards,