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They were not sampling on those, but it was replaying the bass of Good Times (interpolation), but they would only need to clear the PA copyright for the writers. Anything replayed needs a PA clearance but anything actually using a pre-recorded composition has to clear both the PA and SR, so any breakbeats using vinyl had to clear both copyrights.

My point was sampling was actually after 84, it was all musician's or DJ's before 84. Most of the early Hip Hop from 79 to 84 was mostly live musicians and drum machines. We can definitely say Hip Hop borrowed or was inspired from many other music forms before 84, but that is to be expected as all art, literature, and science borrows from what came before it.

"[In] truth, in literature, in science and in art, there are, and can be, few, if any, things, which in an abstract sense, are strictly new and original throughout. Every book in literature, science and art, borrows, and must necessarily borrow, and use much which was well known and used before." Emerson v. Davies,8 F.Cas. 615, 619 (No. 4,436) (CCD Mass. 1845)
I know rappers delight was a replay/interpolation, the point was that it very much is a sample in broad terms. They took the groove of good times and looped it. I find it weird that there is such pedantry on display in this thread, as I cant see how the anyone could dispute that sampling/borrowing are absolutely part of hiphop. Sure there have been contributions by artists that use live music, and Larry Smith was a huge contributor as well. But its not one thing or the other its both. The reason sampling as we know it now came in 1984+ is largely a factor price of silicone and computer technology. That doesnt mean that you couldnt "sample" before a sampler existed. The beatles sampled in the late 1960s with tape loops, and they certainly werent the first. And while I get there are 2 types of clearances required, an interpolation is still a sample in a case like rappers delight. Sure you could mention details about how its different, but the average person is gonna say something to the effect of "play that song where they rap over the Good Times break".