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Read that article carefully. "negligible latency" "low latency"
And Paul White refers to the buffer size (which is the determiner of latency for HD Native).
Same as any other Core Audio interface you use with Pro Tools Ultimate (and HD Native doesn't unlock anything more from the Ultimate software that you won't get using Ultimate with any other Core Audio interface)

HDX/TDM have dsp i/o mixers by comparison. Fixed "no latency"* (unless you put native plugins on channels but that's to be expected)

*not truly no latency as nothing digital is
Ok I get it,
so really from a tracking perspective Pro Tools HDX has nothing to offer over a core audio interface?
I get near zero latency when monitoring my input via the Lynx software,
but the latency issue occurs when I want to monitor the track inserts through PT.
If that's the same scenario with a HD setup then as you say I might only get the Ultimate Software.