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Thanks for your reply,
as I said I need HD for no latency tracking, track count , cue mix among others.
HD Native will not give you that. You'll need an HDX card for "no latency."
Think of HD Native (thunderbolt or if you can find the discontinued PCIe card) as a way to hookup audio interfaces that use Avid's digilink or minidigilink connectors. That includes Avid's own hardware and also any other third-party that offers it (but you have to pay for the ilok license to use those.)

The track count/voice count is the same limit as the Ultimate software alone (which you can use with any audio hardware interface.)
There is no true DSP mixer with HDN so the latency is not "no latency."
If you want the no latency aspect, you need the HDX card which has a dsp mixer onboard.

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As for the thunderbolt issue, that means I'd need a PCIe HD card.

And yes, the Lynx have been usable by multiple different ways including with the optional digilink connector (just remember you need to buy the Digi I/O license from Avid
if you intend to do this otherwise it will not work)