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First question, do you need an HD (now called Ultimate) system? What for?

With a Mac 5,1 you can't use thunderbolt because there is no thunderbolt on it. (And despite some people desperately trying to find a way, there really won't be.)
You can use the HD Native Thunderbolt to connect to other third-party company's hardware if it has digilink or minidigilink connectors. You do have to pay for another $300 for a license to Avid to use it though. However, it all doesn't matter in your case because you can't use thunderbolt on a Mac 5,1.

How are your Lynx Aurora converters connected currently? With current Pro Tools, you can use any core audio device -- including Lynx. You may just need to replace your computer and the Pro Tools software and nothing else and continue using your Aurora converters.
Thanks for your reply,
as I said I need HD for no latency tracking, track count , cue mix among others.
As for the thunderbolt issue, that means I'd need a PCIe HD card.

Also you're right, I just realized that there is an optional HD card for the Aurora.