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Pro Tools upgrade advice needed..

Hello !

I need to upgrade my whole studio system and I am confused by the different PT options.
Right now I'm running PT12 on a Mac Pro 3.1 with Lynx Aurora Converters.
My first problem is my computer being too old for that PT version , I get too much latency and CPU spikes.
I can't work in these conditions so I will upgrade to a 2012 MacPro 5.1.
I don't have the budget for a HD rig, but I was looking at the HD Native Thunderbolt system, thinking it could work with any interface being Native, but it looks like you can only use it with Avid audio interfaces, correct?

If that's the case, I'd have to sell my Lynx system and buy an omni interface which will be too pricey for the moment.

As latency ( and tracks count) is my main concern,
another option would be to get an UA Apollo and keeping my PT 12 to track with no latency, although I'm afraid that would be a step down in quality from the Lynx Aurora converters.

In short is there a way to turn my existing system into an HD system at a reduced price ?
( even looking at older second hand systems?)

Thanks for your help!