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Not sure how anyone can make blanket statements about this. It's one thing to share good news, and another to always share good news. And it's one thing to hare happiness about discovering something musically or getting to play with a great musician, and another to tell people that you're making 3x more than them.

My interests and my values aren't necessarily those of my friends, and I can't just assume they like hearing about it.

In addition to that, we also don't really know how it is worded.

And in addition to that, we don't know anything about these supposed friends. Suppose this problematic one experienced some pretty bad luck and fell behind so to speak, is it then reasonable to expect that person to just be happy for you when they're unhappy for something outside of their control?

I agree, toxic friends can be disposed of, but let's at least acknowledge that there's a lot more to this than just "Can't they just be happy for me?"