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I use Sonar and occasionally Cubase. When I was in the UK I tried to use my brother's copy of Audition to work out multiple guitar parts for a recording I would be doing when I got back to the US.

I must admit I found it very difficult to work with, although probably no worse than moving to any other strange DAW after using a different one for years.

With basic Sonar available for free from Band camp nowadays, I doubt too many new users will want to stump up $20/month for Audition, although that might be fine for anyone who has a lot of learning time already invested in it.
Yeah switching to a different DAW can be confusing. The cost per month for Audition is excessive, I only came by it by using other Adobe apps. Sad because I think they could get more users with a different business model on it.

I go way back with Cakewalk, it's what I grew up with and was so happy to see the software get picked up like it did. I have it on a laptop but only briefly checked it out. I have not looked at doing video with it.