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Here for the gear

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I would consider some things such as how peer pressure and how fanboys have made PT popular. I would also research how while PT may be the most popular app in commercial facilities, it is now one of the lesser used apps in home studios. In a addtaion how commercial studios are "married" to the product even though there are much better DAW solutions available. I would also consider how many of the other DAWs have well surpasses PT in performance as well as ease of use and efficiency in workflows. Lastly I would research how "Protools" is often used as an adjective. Much like people use "auto-tune" or "coke" in a generic manner. In other words when someone hears a mix that sounds bad and digitized they will often say "that sounds like pro tools". Even though they have no idea what it was actually recording with.
These are all things that I am taking into consideration when reviewing the data, and I have gone over some of it in previous parts of the thesis. I did not know about Pro Tools being used as an adjective, I will look more into that, thanks!
Though I might have to remake the survey, as I made the mistake of posting it in various DAW specific forums, without realizing that some of them would be a lot more active than others, making the data very biased.