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I say “Enjoy“ then... ;-)

But I also stress the fact conversion is important if you use hardware with an ITB environment because you won't get much benefit from hardware without good converters. From your profile it seems you're on a board, though.
Motu 828es and 16a for 24 I/o. Both have the ESS sabre 32 ultra DAC’s. Both have been very stable with zero issues. I run Reaper with them. My front end are all Symetrix SX202’s. Two of which were modded by Jim Williams. I’ve have 16 channels total and all will eventually be modded by Jim. Everything in my studio has been or will be modded in some form or fashion. I also have an MCI JH16 and an MCI JH110B. They will get recapped but probably left alone as far as op amps. If I’m using those I want that sound. I’ve got everything I need to track and mix 24 channels of audio. If I combine tracks ITB it’s endless. I’m gonna set up a 16 channel mobile recording studio for live recording in my area and try to create my own nitch market. I can setup separate from the house with a 6 rack space case and a laptop and capture 16 sources. Then mix it down in my studio at the house. Live albums at an affordable price. I’m hoping it’s attractive to bands because they can play through a set in one sitting and come away with an entire album. I’ll let the market dictate the price. I don’t even know what to charge.