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I know everyone is saying there’s no real answer, which is true. But I can honestly give you some names of waves plugins that are widely used in hip hop and what their used are for.

1. Rvox and rcompresser- very popular compressors in hip hop and really any style of music. rvox is obviously meant for vocals and is extremely popular, rcompressor is great for vocals as well but can be great and MANY sources

2. SSL E-Channel- very popular channel strip which can also be used on MANY sources. It’s used quite often for vocals on hip hop tracks, really any source you can use this.

3. Doubler- doubler is used commonly on vocals as well.

4. S1 Imager- used to widen the stereo image, it’s commonly used for reverbs or anything you want to widen

5. Rverb- pretty popular reverb

6. H-Delay- probably the most popular delay outside of echo boy, though I’m sure the new Valhalla delay will see a lot of play soon.

7- rbass - can be great on 808s or any bass but not used so much anymore. UAD VOG is far more popular.

8- Pultec EQ- for boosting lows and highs, maybe on kick of 808

9- Deeser- for deesing

10- Manny verb- its an artist series plugin but many hip hop engineers use it cuz its instantly sounds good

11-CLA compressors- used for compressing stuff

12- pretty much every plugin waves has. just buy a bundle and experiment man. youll figure it out.
Absolutely, all the above. Even the Scheps Omni would be a great versatile workhorse to get your hands on. Or you can go the newer CLA MixHub which is another SSL, but with some great workflow enhancements.

Their new Sibilance is a great new take on deessing using different technology. I use H-Delay also for doubling myself, but I do see the Doubler get used everywhere. R-Bass is everywhere too, especially on 808s!!

Consider also the DBX160 as a 1176 substitute. It’s not the same, it just tends to work extremely well on similar material. Even the BSS DPR402 can work wonders. It’s EXTREMELY flexible and kind of does a soft-knee thing at ratios below 2:1 I believe, so it can be just great to bring up overall energy levels.

I’m a big fan of the Hybrid Series, extremely flexible with lots of flavours. I can see it been hugely useful for Hip-Hop as well. There’s just heaps to choose from. That’s why it can be sometimes handier having some parameters to work with so you can help narrow things down for people.