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Old 3rd May 2019
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I have SW4 with HD600 headphones. Been using it for a while. Can't say it really helped much or anything, but I kept on using it because it's the right thing to do in my situation.

But it does something weird with the sound. For example on the familiar snare sounds like it has low midrange sucked out, feels like -10db or something. It doesn't sound like that on any of my speakers. I expect to hear changes/corrections to sub 150Hz range but nothing in 300-800 range. Very unnatural.

For the past few days I've been leaving it off. Feels much better that way and I don't really feel the mixes are getting any worse without it. I find HD600's sloping low end reminiscent of that of NS10s which I also have and use most of the time for mixing. I trust this kind of sound way more than superflat whatever.

Just my $0.02

PS. And btw I recently read Andrew Scheps's interview (or maybe he mentioned that here on GS?) that he doesn't use SW with his headphones and that he trusts their natural sound better.

Not really knocking on SW, great product, just perhaps not "cure-it-all" thing.