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Hey guys, new user here.
I've been looking to buy the Discrete 4 recently, as in terms of sound quality, latency, and connectivity it seems to promise everything that I need.
But the reviews here and on other pages on the internet have been rather off-putting to say the least.
I'm hesitant to take the leap because I'd be ordering from abroad and I'm quite worried that the device won't work properly.

Does anyone mind sharing and update about how they're getting along with the interface now?
Should I be worried that the interface won't work with my 2017 MacBook Pro?
Does AFX2DAW work properly, and how does it sound?
What kind of latency can I expect at 64 sample buffer size without the FPGA effects? (Can't find this info anywhere).

Should I just go for the Clarett 4Pre or Quantum 2?

Thanks in advance for any help.
On my 2016 MacBook Pro it did not perform well on medium sized projects with a 64 sample buffer. My i7 quadcore would clip if I had some delays or reverbs in the mix, Kontakt was always a gamble with buffers that low. My new Quantum works great at 32 buffer performing 2ms with multiple kontakts, delays and reverbs. CPU/latency just isn't an issue with the Quantum.

Recently, all my stability issues with the D4 and control panel seemed to go away through updates or forum advice. All accept that the Antelopeaudioserver program ran all the time draining CPU even when you arent using it. At times, I would see it taking up 10% CPU while running normally!!!

Speed/CPU Performance
Quantum >>>> Discrete 4 = Clarett

Preamp tone
Discrete 4 > Clarett > Quantum
(Quantum is clean with no magic, D4 just sounds great)

Ease Workflow
Quantum > Clarett >> Discrete 4

Keep in mind, they all sound great, I doubt 99% of listeners would beable to tell the differnece. That said, D4 sounds best. And becuase of the great pres and headphone outs, it is the best unit for recording several vocalists. that may have just confused you more but that is my experience.