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Great comments. I have replaced all my DBX 2150 VCA’s with 2180’s. I have several comps with the Valley VCA and still prefer the 2180’s. I’ve never heard a DBX 202. I was so close to buying the Audioscape about a week ago. I just look at the schematics and think it’s very close to a lot of DBX based designs. I also tend to swap out 553x’s with OPA134 series or LME479x0’s. Depends what I’m trying to achieve. So to shorten the story, I wonder if a KT DN500+!hot rodded would meet my needs for a 2 buss compressor at a 1/4th of the price? It won’t have the HPF though and that’s a nice feature on the Audioscape.
Nothing but love for the Audioscape around here. I don't have one myself, but some fellows I trust and they like it. Hpf is a great addition!