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Sounds like great progress. Hang in there.

Sounds similar to my own trajectory actually. My tinnitus is very loud in quiet rooms, but very small volume background noises make it go away completely, so it is unnoticable practically everywhere else.

In fact, my anxiety over tinnitus made me start taking much better care of my ears from my early 20s, which has probably saved me from actual hearing loss.

I now have to fly around the world for work 2-3 times a year, and I've noticed that the first week after getting back gives me much louder tinnitus (and higher anxiety). This could be several things though. Jetlag has been associated with higher tinnitus apparently (and higher anxiety), or the anxiety could be the problem in itself. Or it could be that I watch TV for much of the flight with noise cancelling headphones on which, although not deafeningly loud, may aggravate the tinnitus. Who knows.