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Not ideal at all to mix on cans but certainly doable (and it’s no secret that some great records have been mixed primarily in the can). It’s like anything else, if you know how it will translate you can make anything work, just like the famous engineer says his desert island gear are his crappy old bookshelf speakers cause that’s what they know best. Its the same information just way harder to “guess” how two sources of audio will gather in a room than actually hear it in real-time. But like anything else, it’s a skill that can be developed. I for one would hate to be restricted to only my monitors. My cans remove the room and allow a different kind of referencing I find integral to the mix process. I adore my k701’s and my Stax are also a fantastic way to reference my audio in a mix! Let’s not forget that the end goal of music is to sound great and connect the human soul. You can mix great music on anything if you’ve got talent and creativity. Every now and then I meet some 20 year old kid on some consumer junk speakers and earbuds mixing incredible music like a boss from his gut and his girlfriends laptop and I smile. He makes this whole forum feel pointless and I love that just as much as I do learning proper mix technique. I think a great engineer learns from both schools. It’s both adages combines:
Every man a student, every man a teacher. The other being the direct translation of Tao De Ching: “the way called the way is not the way.” Careful of those claiming only one true way. They are usually the fool in the room