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Thank you laflamme! I'm glad the comment is useful.
Actually the modular Moog makes a difference between dozens of other synthesizers. It is a really special instrument full of character and subtleties!
And congratulations for the IIIP ...! It has a very peculiar tone, it is the beginning of everything practically! It does not have many secrets at the synthesis level and the configuration is very rare for the later standard of synths, it is a rare synthesizer system the III..., ten oscillators and only one set of VCFs and only 3 VCAs and EGs ...! But what a wonderful sound! It helps to think music and sound synthesis in another way!
The SW901 is beautiful! I could not compare it with VCOs Moog 901 since I still do not have those original oscillators in my system ... I used 901 of Moog in the IIIC Reissue of a friend of mine and in the vintage Moog of Francois Marcaud in Paris but I never made comparison 1:1. Still, I highly recommend Synth Werk modules. They have a great quality!

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Thanks for this great post Ernesto!
It's really useful and interesting!
I see you have SW 901, how close is it to the Moog (Vintage or Reissue)? I have a Model 15 since 2016 too and it has been my go to synth for every projects I worked on since... but two weeks ago, I just got my IIIp and this thing is so deep I have to learn again!