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"Peers" often go from "meh" towards lower quality work because its true, to "meh" towards higher quality work because they don't want to be outdone and find a reason why yours is "meh" to protect their own ego.

Peers = meh, pretty much period The guys 10 years younger, THEY'LL let you know if you're actually good or if you suck. The raw emotional feedback of a younger fan who still looks up to you can be considerably more helpful than peer feedback, where you always have to account for motive and disillusionment.
I would much rather let a 5 or 15 year old listen to a song... who knows nothing about music, than than a more knowledgeable or accomplished person. It takes 2 seconds for them to diss it... but when you get a couple of wows in a row,,, you know you hit on something. I am not saying I would not like to go over a song with a top of the top producer. Funny how a 5 year old painter gets close to great artists in various works... then when taught they lose the spirit of the creation... and up up with a mediocre rendering career... I see this all the time... getting lost in trying to produce a song... that stays on the 'meh' flatline is somewhat similar.