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Sorry, but IMO there is not necessarily a "best" in this situation, but factors other than quality (features) may make is better for you personally. If a preamp is low noise at high gain levels, has enough usable gain for most situations, has high input headroom, and is not harsh throughout it's frequency range, I would say that's a pro piece (I might be forgetting something, but that about sums it up for me). All three of these preamps are different from each other, all three are colored, and all three are worth owning. What type of instruments or vocals do you hope to use it on? Do you want it silky & airy or more solid sounding with the emphasis on the mids and lows? Do you need high levels of gain for quiet sources or ribbon mics (the Great River is 70db, the new Manley's are 60db, and the Vintech is 50db)? What about impedance switching? Let us know, that will narrow it down a little.