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I think Thats have more spank than the dbx goldcans. An SSL isn't a supercomplicated circuit, but the sidechain (gain reduction, not frequency which SSLs don't have) is important. Basic GSSLs used the “turbo“ card, Chris directly implemented on his board in the Audioscape.
Great comments. I have replaced all my DBX 2150 VCA’s with 2180’s. I have several comps with the Valley VCA and still prefer the 2180’s. I’ve never heard a DBX 202. I was so close to buying the Audioscape about a week ago. I just look at the schematics and think it’s very close to a lot of DBX based designs. I also tend to swap out 553x’s with OPA134 series or LME479x0’s. Depends what I’m trying to achieve. So to shorten the story, I wonder if a KT DN500+!hot rodded would meet my needs for a 2 buss compressor at a 1/4th of the price? It won’t have the HPF though and that’s a nice feature on the Audioscape.