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No kidding!

Just try posting finished (professionally recorded and mastered) songs on this forum. What you get is a massive dose of 'meh'

So you use Facebook/Youtube and you get a some likes but next to no one goes over to iTunes and spends 99 cents on your songs.

Then you hand out CDs and flash drives to your friends and acquaintances and some of them give them back???? (is that a cut down or what?)

What are you to do? Enjoy the hell out of the process, know that you put your heart and soul into it. You continue to give your URL's, your CDs and flash drives to anyone who shows any interest. Above all else is realize that most people do not offer praise for something they like or recognize as good quality, but they complain bitterly about things they don't like.
"Peers" often go from "meh" towards lower quality work because its true, to "meh" towards higher quality work because they don't want to be outdone and find a reason why yours is "meh" to protect their own ego.

Peers = meh, pretty much period The guys 10 years younger, THEY'LL let you know if you're actually good or if you suck. The raw emotional feedback of a younger fan who still looks up to you can be considerably more helpful than peer feedback, where you always have to account for motive and disillusionment.