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Old 1st May 2019
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Hello, left this on the 828 es thread a couple weeks ago but its been a bit quiet. Figure I'd post here too. Thanks in advance:

Hello all, just wanted to ask a few questions:

• Can use the 2 mic in's + 8 trs at the same time? Pretty sure you can but wanted to double check.

• And if your using the sends on the mic in's, you have to route the return to either another input, or another input on a connected interface?

• Does the original mic inputed get multed at all? So, curious if you can record the mic inputs to their respective converters and also take the 2 sends to also record through some processing?

• Are you finding AVB to be a better (faster/solid) connection than adat or spdif?

• And also curious if anyone has compared the conversion the Apollo X line...

• Any issue with using IO for hybrid mixing (ie: different volume levels etc)