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I’m gonna go a little geek on ya’ll. I have an Aphex Compellor on my 2 buss and while it’s transparent and really levels things out it’s slow and pumps with more aggressive material. I’ve been looking at the Audioscape Gcomp based on the SSL Gbuss, but the original SSL used the DBX 202 VCA which is no longer available. Audioscape is using a THAT VCA which would mean 2180a more than likely. So any Comp with the 2180a and 553x opamps should come close to the Audioscape, unless I’m missing something that the side chain does that’s unique to an SSL. I looked at the schematics and it’s a super simple input and output stage with a VCA stuck in the middle. I don’t see why people say the SSL’s have so much “spank” blah blah blah unless it’s an older 202c model.