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Old 1st May 2019
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The ITB Blues

Andrew, firstly, thanks for being such a great dispenser of knowledge! I have learned more from watching you, than any other source.
My question relates to some common glitches that mixing ITB on a DAW can involve.
I have an IMac Pro that is fairly new and use Logic. It seems that often , I’m looking at the meters on any given plugin, and what I’m seeing on there doesn’t match up with what I’m hearing. I’ve tried switching buffer sizes, but it happens sometimes regardless of that change. I’d just like to see the meters reading at the appropriate time. It’s important to be able to know that I’m not seeing something that hasn’t yet happened with my audio . Do you ever experience these problems since you’ve gone ITB ? We never see you guys’ computers tell you that you’ve “exceeded your dsp “ . Does your computer ever glitch , artifact , or crash? What have you done to solve such problems?
Thanks so much!

John Scalia
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